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Attila Szegedi, Software Engineer, Twitter

 Attila  Szegedi

Attila Szegedi is a software engineer working for Twitter, in its Core System Libraries group, as well as serving as the company's cross-team expert for JVM performance. He is also known for his work on several Open Source projects, most notably he is a contributor to Mozilla Rhino, a JavaScript runtime for the JVM, a contributor to Kiji, Twitter's server-optimized Ruby runtime, the author of Dynalink – the dynamic linker framework for languages on the JVM, as well as one of the principal developers of the FreeMarker templating language runtime.

Twitter: @asz

Presentation: "JVM performance optimizations at Twitter's scale"

Time: Wednesday 15:35 - 16:35

Location: Olympic

Abstract: Twitter is increasingly relying on services written in either Java or Scala and running on the JVM. While JVM gives us a world-class runtime in terms of operational stability, performance, and manageability, it is still not trivial to achieve the desired performance characteristics of the programs being run on it, especially when you're dealing with services that need lots of memory, or have very low latency requirements, or both. In this talk, we'll present examples of performance problems we encountered while operating JVM-based services and the ways we solved them.