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Felipe Rubim, Systems Architect at Ci&T

 Felipe  Rubim

Felipe is a Systems Architect and Team Lead at Ci&T, a technology outsourcing and software product engineering company. A member of the Ci&T team since 2004, Felipe specializes in leading technical teams on enterprise web development, including content management solutions using Drupal and JEE based applications. He has been working with Agile and Scrum for the past five years. Prior to this position, Felipe was a JEE software developer at Ci&T.

Twitter: @frubim

Presentation: "Technical Debt: Why to care and what it means to your business"

Time: Thursday 15:35 - 16:35

Location: Franciscan I & II

Abstract: Technical debt is a powerful metaphor to describe the consequences of poor architecture and a hasty software development culture. It may ruin the software quality, destroy productivity and jeopardize team's morale. Most importantly, it can seriously impact the company's business. Developers must understand the types of technical debt, how to properly identify, manage and handle it, the roles of the Project Owner and the team in generating and paying the debt, and the relationship between the technical debt and business outcomes.

From my perspective, technical debt may be present in any software development project, regardless of whether there are legacy systems or code involved. From my experience, there is significant risk to generating large debt in new development engagements, specifically if there is no clear architecture roadmap defined and a minimal set of quality tools in place.

In this presentation, I will share examples of software projects where technical debt was present and how it was, or was not, handled as well as it should have been.