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Tom Lubinski, founder and CEO, SL Corporation

 Tom  Lubinski

Tom Lubinski has dedicated his career to graphical visualization systems, focusing in the early 1980’s on process command and control systems, and evolving that deep visualization experience to today’s large-scale, highly distributed enterprise applications. Over the past 8 years, Tom’s direct involvement with the world’s largest companies to solve their Application Performance Monitoring challenges has resulted in an incomparable level of expertise in dealing with applications that demand the real-time data transfer and visualization of potentially large volumes of data. Tom founded SL Corporation in 1983 and is currently the company’s president and CEO.

Presentation: "Performance and Scalability Panel"

Time: Thursday 10:35 - 11:35

Location: Olympic

Abstract: What does it take to scale? This panel will bring together leading architects and solution providers in the area including dynaTrace, Oracle, Solace Systems and SL Corporation. The panel will explore current and emerging architectures, practices, and solutions for achieving predictable performance & scalability.

Moderated by Floyd Marinescu

Presentation: "Overcoming the Top Four Challenges to Real-Time Performance in Large-Scale, Data-Centric Applications"

Time: Thursday 14:05 - 15:05

Location: Olympic


The most critical large-scale applications today, regardless of industry, involve a demand for real-time data transfer and visualization of potentially large volumes of data. With this demand comes numerous challenges and limiting factors, especially if these applications are deployed in virtual or cloud environments. Attend this session and learn how to overcome the top four challenges to real-time application performance: database performance, network data transfer bandwidth limitations, processor performance and lack of real-time predictability. Solutions discussed will include design of the proper data model for the application data, along with design patterns that facilitate optimal and minimal data transfer across networks.