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Tyler Jewell, VP Product Management for Oracle's Platform as a Service

 Tyler  Jewell

Tyler’s software career spans 20 years in R&D, marketing, services, and corporate development. Prior to Oracle, he was at Quest Software as PM and Investment Manager. His investments include AppHarbor, AwayFind, Skydera, and WSO2. As a PM, he held leadership positions for products in emerging markets, including Quest’s applications, monitoring, virtualization and cloud divisions. He’s managed Foglight (Gartner’s APM leaders quadrant), vRanger (the #1 selling virtualization backup solution), and JProbe (the best selling Java profiling tool). Prior to Quest, Tyler was a founder and investor in InfoQ.com, GM of The Middleware Company (sold to TechTarget), and a Java technologist at BEA (acquired by Oracle), TRGi (acquired by BEA) , and Talarian (acquired by Tibco).

Tyler has a CS and Economics degree from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and is a co-author of 3 books on Java and Web Services.

Presentation: "Performance and Scalability Panel"

Time: Thursday 10:35 - 11:35

Location: Olympic

Abstract: What does it take to scale? This panel will bring together leading architects and solution providers in the area including dynaTrace, Oracle, Solace Systems and SL Corporation. The panel will explore current and emerging architectures, practices, and solutions for achieving predictable performance & scalability.

Moderated by Floyd Marinescu

Presentation: "Java EE 7: Developing for the Cloud"

Time: Thursday 12:05 - 13:05

Location: Olympic


This talk introduces the Java EE 7 platform, the latest revision of the Java platform for the enterprise. The focus of Java EE 7 is on the cloud, and specifically it aims to bring Platform-as-a-Service providers and application developers together so that portable applications can be deployed on any cloud infrastructure and reap all its benefits in terms of scalability, elasticity, multitenancy, etc.

Furthermore, Java EE 7 continues the ease of development push that characterized prior releases by bringing further simplification to enterprise development. It also adds new, important APIs such as the REST client API in JAX-RS 2.0 and the long awaited Concurrency Utilities for Java EE API, and plenty of improvements to all other components.

Presentation: "The Architecture of Oracle's Public Cloud"

Time: Friday 16:50 - 17:50

Location: Stanford

Abstract: In October, Oracle announced their intention to build an enterprise public cloud for business-critical applications.  This cloud will provide a Database-as-a-Service, Java-as-a-Service, and a set of sales, marketing, and collaboration applications made available in a self-service interface, elastic scalability, and monthly subscription billing model.  This session will introduce the audience to the architecture and design considerations made during the design and implementation of the service.  We’ll discuss the elements that went into building the datacenter, structuring the hardware and multi-tenancy model, how end users administer their services, design considerations for elasticity, and how various interoperability, identity, and security issues were addressed.  This session will be ideal for those looking to understand the concerns that go into building a scalable cloud service or those looking to get a technical introduction to Oracle’s new offerings.