Presentation: Demistifying DynamoDB Streams


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Replicated state machines are the cornerstone of distributed systems - and at the heart of a replicated state machine is a transactional log. While these logs are fundamental to replication in a distributed system, they have recently emerged as the glue for event driven systems. In order processing of logs enables multiple developers to build a diverse set of applications on top of the same stream ranging from materialized views, event driven systems, realtime analytics, etc. This powerful primitive has given rise to log streaming systems like Kafka, Storm, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Lambda, and DynamoDB Streams, among others.

This talk will provide a deep dive into ordered logs as a primitive, patterns in log based systems, and the capabilities that they make possible. You will get a perspective from two of the engineers behind DynamoDB Streams on what it takes to build an ordered, highly available, durable, performant, and scalable replicated log stream. You will walk out with a passion to build an event driven system - with an understanding of how event processing systems work and how you can use them to simplify development of a complex distributed system.

Speaker: Akshat Vig

Senior Software Engineer @Amazon

I am currently working in DynamoDB (Amazon Web Services) as Senior Software engineer with 7 years of experience on distributed systems. DynamoDB is low latency, replicated, highly available and highly durable NoSQL database service. I am passionate about solving challenging distributed systems problems, launching products at fast pace, learn from customer feedback and innovate faster.

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Speaker: Khawaja Shams

VP of Engineering Amazon's @ElementalTech, previously Head of Engineering NoSQL @AWSCloud

Khawaja Shams is the Head of Engineering for NoSQL at Amazon Web Services. He is a passionate distributed systems engineer, loves to code, and all it takes to distract him is a refreshing discussion around coding a new distributed systems app. Together, Swami and Khawaja are on a mission to redefine NoSQL, again! Khawaja also serves as the Technical Assistant to Charlie Bell, VP of Utility Computing at AWS. Prior to joining Amazon, Khawaja led the Data Services team at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where he owned distributed systems for tactical operations of dozens of missions across NASA including the Curiosity Mars rover, Voyager, Deep Space Network, Cassini, and International Space Station. Khawaja was one of the key leaders influencing cloud adoption across NASA and advised multiple government agencies and enterprises on Cloud Computing. Khawaja owned development of the data processing pipelines for all Mars images as they are beamed backed to earth and pushed out to global community of scientist, operators, as well as the public.

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