Presentation: Elastic Efficient Execution of Varied Containers


2:55pm - 3:45pm



Netflix microservices ecosystem supports a growing customer base of 80+ Million subscribers worldwide, who streamed over Forty Two Billion hours of content last year. Containers are playing an increasing role in running stream processing, batch, and microservices workloads.

This talk will review the state of containers usage in Netflix. With references to projects Titus and Mantis, the talk will highlight the integrations with AWS to run Apache Mesos clusters and how we adapted resource scheduling via NetflixOSS Fenzo to run an elastic infrastructure for a varied mix of workloads.

Topics include capacity guarantees, network isolation, modeling multiple EC2 instance types, and deployments of continuously evolving execution agents.

Speaker: Sharma Podila

Distributed Systems Software Architect @Netflix & Creator of Fenzo

Sharma Podila is the author of NetflixOSS Fenzo scheduling library for Apache Mesos frameworks. He is a Software Engineer in the Edge Engineering team at Netflix. His current work includes distributed resource scheduling, reactive stream processing, and services optimization.

Find Sharma Podila at

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