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The workplace idiosyncrasies of highly successful companies, like Google, Facebook and Netflix, suggest that culture is the great differentiator. However, despite the tantalizing example set by these innovators, too many companies still manage teams and people as if it were the 1800s, treating workers like substitutable cogs in a factory. Others struggle, copying rituals like "20% time" without getting the benefits they seek.

What if our industry's working cultures changed at the same speed as do the technologies we use to develop our products and services? What would be the Cloud of creative, collaborative work or the equivalents of Microservices and Containers for how we structure teams and manage their interactions?

Industrial Logic keeps itself relevant by striving to answer those questions. By focusing on Modern Agile's four principles, we've found how to shape a culture that prioritizes outcomes, not outputs. We walk the talk and push boundaries by experimenting with concepts and practices like Holacracy and Anzeneering on ourselves, before sharing what really works given your context.

This talk will share what we are learning through these experiments, from the very fundamentals of what a team needs to be successful, like chartering, core protocols, the responsibility principle and psychological safety, to Modern Agile engineering techniques, like continuous deployment and mob programming, that lay the groundwork for creating a space where being awesome becomes inevitable.

Speaker: Alexandre Freire Kawakami

Agile Coach @IndustrialLogic

Alex, who was one of the Agile pioneers in Latin America, now consults internationally, speaking frequently at conferences to help communities worldwide expand beyond their comfort zones. A programmer, coach, scientist, student and teacher, Alex loves learning and doesn't shy away from changing his mind. As Director at Industrial Logic, he focuses on enabling our team to deliver quality software and to solve real world problems through Modern Agile training and coaching for the leading companies in our Industry. Alex is also an accomplished artist who loves architecture and exploring creative tactics of co-existence in spaces that integrate into the environment in a sustainable way. Using Agile practices, he built an eco house on a remote island that was awarded the Institute of Brazilian Architecture’s “Young Architect Prize” for projects completed in 2011. He recently moved with his wife, son and dog to Berkeley, CA. He is active on twitter (@freire_da_silva) spreading wisdom on Modern Agile, software development, the tech industry, startups, Brazil, politics and the digital culture revolution.

Find Alexandre Freire Kawakami at

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