Presentation: Is Managing Men & Women Really That Different?



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Conventional advice on how to best manage people rarely addresses gender differences. Talking directly about gender in the workplace, and adjusting your management approach accordingly, can be tricky business. After all, aren’t we all supposed to be the same?

While men and women are equally capable as leaders, the latest brain science has shed new light on 7 distinct regions of the brain that differ between men and women. This hard-wiring has important implications for how we think, communicate and lead. Just as it is important to understand different cultures, personality types and working styles, it is equally essential to understand the role that gender can play.

This presentation combines cutting-edge gender research and practical strategies for being exceptional leaders to diverse talent. Arm yourself with new insights and bring out the best in those you lead.

Speaker: Mitch Shepard

Leadership Development Expert, Founder of a Program for Female Leaders

Mitch Shepard has worked in the leadership development field for 20+ years. Back in the day she led outdoor expeditions for executive teams and managers; helping people push beyond their perceived limitations and unite to achieve big goals. Mitch has since traded in tents for boardrooms and has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor and coach to some of the world's top leaders across companies such as: Amazon, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Skype, FedEx, BDO, Avis, Medtronic and Boeing to name a few. Mitch founded her first company, Dynamic Interactions, 15 years ago— developing leaders and their teams around the globe. Three years ago Mitch founded WIRL Leadership Series, an innovative development program for rising-star female leaders. WIRL is the first program of its kind to focus on both developing women and working directly with the managers, mentors and advocates who will be instrumental in supporting & promoting them. Mitch is from Seattle WA, where she lives with her husband, two children.

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