Presentation: Preventing Office Politics @Facebook


4:10pm - 5:00pm



When personal motivations trump company goals, it can hinder a company’s ability to get things done. Since our earliest days at Facebook, we’ve been mindful about not letting office maneuvering poison work life. We’d seen the negative effects that certain kinds of political behavior can have when they creep into office life, and we wanted to make sure we didn’t let them creep into ours.

This presentation will go over the Facebook stories of the past and present on how we have managed to minimize the negative behavior.

Speaker: Nam Nguyen

VP of Engineering @Facebook

With Facebook since January 2011, Nam Nguyen supports Services Infrastructure: storage, kernel, cloud, warehouse, data solutions & tools, messaging and media infrastructure. The mission of Facebook Infrastructure team is to enable Facebook product development at scale and with efficiency, so Nam's team and his peers in Infrastructure face many technically challenging and interesting problems. At the same time, if there is one thing that Nam is very passionate about, it is with engineering culture: helping to cultivate a fun and highly functional engineering organization. Nam supports many across-org activities at Facebook: recruiting, bootcamp, manager training, and talent management. Before Facebook, Nam spent 12 years at Yahoo!, first as an engineer in Ads and last as VP of Yahoo! Search.

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