Presentation: Framing Our Potential for Failure


2:55pm - 3:45pm



As software practitioners we must move beyond a willful ignorance of the potential for failure in our architectures to a humble acceptance of our responsibility to not only monitor, but also mitigate that potential. To do this, we must understand the inherent risk of the systems we build. Only then can we decide how to become resilient, become vigilant, and adapt. This talk address the first step towards owning our potential for failure - which is identifying it. It does so by describing a way to model complex systems and then how to facilitate just in time discussions around architectural changes that could introduce new modes of failure. In order to demonstrate these practices, examples from various systems ranging from embedded consumer electronics to large stream processing pipelines will be used.

Speaker: Michelle Brush

Director of Engineer @Cerner

Michelle Brush is a math geek turned computer geek with 15 years of software development experience. She has developed algorithms and data structures for pathfinding, search, compression, and data mining in embedded as well as distributed systems. In her current role as an Engineering Director for Cerner Corporation, she is responsible for the data ingestion and processing platform for Cerner’s Population Health solutions. She also leads several engineering education programs and culture initiatives including Cerner’s software architect development program and internal developer conference. Outside of Cerner, she is the chapter leader for the Kansas City chapter of Girl Develop It and one of the conference organizers for

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