Presentation: Mastering Chaos - A Netflix Guide to Microservices


11:50am - 12:40pm




By embracing the tension between order and chaos and applying a healthy mix of discipline and surrender Netflix reliably operates microservices in the cloud at scale. But every lesson learned and solution developed over the last seven years was born out of pain for us and our customers. Even today we remain vigilant as we evolve our service architecture. For those just starting the microservices journey these lessons and solutions provide a blueprint for success.

In this talk we’ll explore the chaotic and vibrant world of microservices at Netflix. We’ll start with the basics - the anatomy of a microservice, the challenges around distributed systems, and the benefits realized when integrated operational practices and technical solutions are properly leveraged. Then we’ll build on that foundation exploring the cultural, architectural, and operational methods that lead to microservice mastery.

Speaker: Josh Evans

Engineering Leader at Large (formerly Director of Operations Engineering @Netflix)

For the past three years Josh has led Operations Engineering, an organization committed to the continuous improvement of operational quality and infrastructure efficiency while enabling a high rate of innovation. Operations Engineering creates, integrates, and evangelizes proven technical solutions and practices like continuous delivery, real-time analytics, and chaos engineering. Josh has 26 years of technical industry experience spanning e-commerce, video playback control services, infrastructure, tools, testing, and operations. He is currently taking time off, seeking new opportunities in the new year.

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