Presentation: JVMs across the Data Center



1:40pm - 2:30pm



Twitter services have to be able to handle the flood of requests, responses and actions required to process hundreds of millions of tweets every day.  This talk will cover how we schedule and manage services in our data centers to ensure reliablity and performance, as well as the challenges (and some solutions!)  encountered in getting the JVM and JDK to run our scala- and java-based services to meet stringent response-time and resource requirements.

Speaker: Ian Downes

Technical Manager Aurora / Mesos Team @Twitter

Ian is the engineering manager for the Aurora/Mesos team at Twitter. The team builds and runs Twitter's internal infrastructure for supporting many of the stateless services that power and support our advertising business. Earlier, as an engineer on the team, Ian focused on resource isolation and containers in Mesos.

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Speaker: John Coomes

Staff Engineer, JVM Team @Twitter

John Coomes is an engineer on the JVM Team at Twitter, focusing on garbage collection, monitoring/observability and performance. Prior to Twitter, he worked on the HotSpot JVM Team at Oracle, where he was one of the primary developers of the parallel compacting garbage collector ("ParallelOld").

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