Presentation: Speedup Your Java Apps With Hardware Counters


11:50am - 12:40pm




Java is a hardware independent language. However, it is hard to make high performance application without hardware knowledge. Java developers who really care about performance shouldn't be afraid to dig into HW details. Each modern CPU has an ability to look under cover and understand what happens from the performance point of view.

In the session we will understand how Performance Monitoring Unit (PMU) works, what Hardware Counters (HWC) are, which tools have friendship with Java and how to use HWC for speeding up your Java applications.

Speaker: Sergey Kuksenko

Java Performance Engineer @Oracle

Sergey works as Java Performance Engineer at Oracle. His primary goal is making Oracle JVM faster digging into JVM runtime, JIT compilers, class libraries and etc. His favorite area is an interaction of Java with modern hardware what he is doing since 2005 when he worked at Intel in Apache Harmony Performance team.

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