Presentation: Using an API Scavenger hunt to engage API newbies


2:55pm - 3:45pm


Do you want to drive awareness and understanding of how APIs work among your peers and colleagues? As a scalable alternative to full-blown hackathons, an API Scavenger hunt could be the solution to break down the intimidation factor for API newbies! Learn how Cisco DevNet piloted this technique and how we built a Swagger-based answer-submission API in two weeks. Finally, we will also discuss how we deployed using Cloud Native and 12 Factor principles.

Speaker: Ashley Roach

API and Cloud Evangelist @Cisco

Ashley Roach is the API and Cloud Evangelist for Cisco's developer relations team, DevNet. Prior to DevNet, he was a Product Manager in Cloud Collaboration working on APIs and XMPP technologies. Before Cisco, he was Product Manager at NewsGator Technologies, where he initiated the Social Sites product, the leading social software integration with SharePoint at the time. Before NewsGator, he joined Jabber, Inc. in 2003 where he was the Product Manager for the Jabber XCP server and launched the JabberNow appliance. Ashley holds an MBA from the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business and Undergraduate degree in History from the University of Pennsylvania. When not hacking on APIs, he enjoys playing guitar at blues jams around Denver, snowboarding, and camping.

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