Presentation: Case study: Building the QCon Vote System


5:25pm - 6:15pm


When the organizers of QCon came to ThoughtWorks to help create a solution to capturing session feedback, an epic journey was started. In this talk we walk through the process, decision making and tooling of creating a custom piece of hardware as part of a broader solution. It is easier and cheaper than it has ever been. However, in order deliver on that promise, the team had to accept the challenge of novel constraints and solve problems holistically. Many of the agile and human centered design principles used for software development apply. Hardware really is a software problem... well except for the bits that aren't.

Speaker: Mat Henshall

Head of Things @ThoughtWorks Inc

Passionate Technologist and Survivor of 30 years of jargon, fads and bright new shiny things. He is an entrepreneur and consultant and has built software and hardware products in a surprising range of industries and domains with the last 9 years focused on connected devices

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