Presentation: Using Mesos at Scale @ Apple



5:25pm - 6:15pm



Engineers from Apple will present their experience running Mesos at scale, challenges they've faced day-to-day, and lessons learned from running one of the largest Mesos deployments in production for over two years. This talk will also explain the internals of Apple's Mesos framework and its unique approaches, amongst others covering interaction with Mesos, reconciliation, keeping state and scale-out.

Speaker: James Mulcahy

Software Engineer @Apple

James Mulcahy is Senior Software Engineer at Apple, working on a variety of distributed systems, including large scale Mesos environments. He is a huge fan of making things that work reliably, and are easy to debug the rest of the time!

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Speaker: Elizabeth Lingg

Senior Software Engineer @Apple

Elizabeth Lingg is a Senior Software Engineer at Apple who is passionate about distributed systems, big data, AI/machine learning, and applying this knowledge to large scale environments as well as improving the experience of millions of users of Apple Internet Services.

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