Workshop: Angular2 Forms




9:00am - 12:00pm


Install the latest version of NodeJS and npm (imperative)
Participants should clone the sample repo and download all the listed dependencies before the workshop (will be sent by email)
Familiarity with typescript is recommended

Forms are a staple of any application, but they can be complex to build. Learn how to leverage Angular’s new forms module to simplify your forms code. We’ll review both template-driven forms and reactive forms, from beginner to more advanced use cases like custom form controls, and custom validators.

Key takeaways:

- Learn the main differences for forms between angular 1 and angular 2
- Learn the different ways that angular 2 can handle forms, reactive and template-driven
- Learn how to create custom validators
- Learn how to create custom form controls
- Leave with some good non-trivial examples that you can use at work when building forms
- Revisit the basics on how to quickly get started with an angular2 application

Speaker: David Silva

Founder of Latin@s in tech

David Silva is a front-end developer from Colombia, now living in the Bay Area, with seven years of experience working with JavaScript, and four with AngularJS; across different industries, startups and enterprise. He's also the founder of the largest community for latinxs in tech in the bay area.

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