Workshop: [SOLD OUT] Event Sourcing, CQRS &SOA: CQRS




1:00pm - 4:00pm

This workshop is sold out.

The CQRS pattern is extremely simple and natural - separate the read path and write path of your system so that each can be optimized independently. However, implementing this has challenges, as many have discovered, especially if the CQRS pattern is used without event sourcing!

In this hands-on workshop we'll start from the event sourced model we built in the morning workshop (or a reference implementation for those who didn't attend the morning workshop), and implement a number of read models and investigate the various properties of them with respect to eventual consistency. Attendees will be coding in pairs for most of the workshop, and can work in any language with which they are familiar. Example code will be in Go and Java. We will implement storage against Event Store (, so please install a single node using the instructions for your development platform, along with a client API for your platform of choice. We'll also use a SQL database, ElasticSearch and Neo4J in our implementations.

Speaker: James Nugent

Engineering @HashiCorp



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