Workshop: Mastering Chrome DevTools




1:00pm - 4:00pm


Some JavaScript experience is necessary as we'll be looking at code a fair amount. Other than that, basic web knowledge will be helpful but not required!
Participants should bring a laptop with Node.js and Chrome Canary ( installed and this repository downloaded (

Most people are aware that DevTools exist. Maybe you even use them for tweaking CSS or the interactive console. But there is so much more! Let's look at everything the tools have to offer and how they can make your job a lot easier!


By coding along with us for this workshop you’ll:

  • Step through each tab of the developer tools and learn all the great things they can do.
  • Learn how to use Chrome DevTools as your primary editor and persist your changes to disk.
  • Learn how to diagnose slow websites and improve performance.
  • Learn how to add breakpoints and step through debug JavaScript applications.
  • Learn how to find and fix memory leaks.
  • Learn how to control JavaScript performance and screen painting to reduce screen jank.

Speaker: Jon Kuperman

Software Engineer @Twitter

Jon is a web developer passionate about JavaScript, web performance and accessibility. In his free time he speak at conferences, creates videos at and runs The Web Behind podcast.

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