Presentation: The ARM to Z of Multi-Architecture Microservices

Track: Tools and Culture: What's Beyond a Stack of Containers?

Location: Pacific DEKJ

Duration: 2:55pm - 3:45pm

Day of week: Tuesday

Level: Intermediate

Persona: Backend Developer, Developer, DevOps Engineer, General Software, Technical Engineering Manager

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The container ecosystem is now home to multiple architectures and operating systems. Working in the isolated environment of your project makes it easy to forget about those platforms you don't use. If we've learned anything from Open Source communities, it's that inclusiveness and cooperation lead to long-term success.
Come learn how multiple industry players are coming together to ensure that no matter what platform you use, containers will still be easy to deploy.
In this talk we'll cover how to create and run your own multi-platform images using docker; how to emulate architectures in containers on your own machine; and also give a demonstration pulling all of this together in a Docker Swarm consisting of workers of different CPU architectures such as arm64, ppc64le, s390x, and x86_64.
While our examples and demos use Docker and Swarm, the principles are of course generic and adaptable to other container engines and orchestrators

Speaker: Christy Norman Perez

Software Developer @IBM

Christy is a Software Developer at IBM who is focused on expanding and improving Docker's capabilities on IBM POWER Systems. Before docker, she worked on a linux-based virtualization product called Kimchi, and contributed new IPv6 functionality to the i5/OS network stack. Christy tweets at @christylea

Find Christy Norman Perez at

Speaker: Christopher Jones

Software Developer @IBM

Chris is a Software Developer at IBM, who works on development and testing of Docker on IBM POWER Systems. Perhaps more known by his questionably confusing github handle: tophj-ibm, he can be found on Docker’s github repository submitting and reviewing multi-architecture issues and pull requests.

Find Christopher Jones at

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