Track: Architectures You've Always Wondered About

Location: Ballroom A

Day of week: Monday

Behind every great site stands a great architecture...eventually! Find out how the construction behind some pretty sweet and well-scaled infrastructures has worked itself out with a combination of planning, expertise, dumb luck, and (the secret ingredient) the Tears of Engineers.

Track Host:
Chris Slowe
CTO & Founding Engineer @Reddit; former Chief Scientist at Hipmunk; PhD in Experimental Physics
10:35am - 11:25am

by Edward Wible
Founder & CTO @Nubank

by Rafael Ferreira
Senior Software Engineer @Nubank

Ever wonder what it would take to rewrite your local bank? With open source, microservices, functional programming (Clojure, Scala), and continuous delivery, right? That's what Nubank did in Brazil, starting with a modern credit card architecture built from scratch, and continuing on to familiar concepts in checking, savings, mobile payments, and beyond. We'd like to walk the audience through the the key elements that make Nubank tick for millions of customers...

11:50am - 12:40pm

by Tyler McMullen
CTO @Fastly

Much has been written and said about distributed systems of many different sizes, scales, and complexities. Most of the time though, we either talk about algorithms and theoretical ideas or entirely concrete specific systems: Abstract or Concrete. Gossip, failure detection, and leader election are discussed as if they’re a magical salve that can be rubbed onto a project to make it distributed. But the practical realities of distributed systems are far from...

1:40pm - 2:30pm

by Neil Williams
Leads Infrastructure Team @Reddit

A stroll through the history of the systems that power, looking at things that worked, things that didn't, and where we're going next.

2:55pm - 3:45pm

by Bing Wei
Software Engineer @Slack

Slack is a communication and collaboration platform for teams. Our millions of users spend 10+ hrs connected to the service on a typical working day. They expect reliability, low latency, and extraordinarily rich client experiences across a wide variety of devices and network conditions. In the talk, we'll examine the limitations that Slack's backend ran into and how we overcame them to scale from supporting small teams to serving gigantic organizations of hundreds and thousands of users. We...

4:10pm - 5:00pm

Open Space
5:25pm - 6:15pm

by Dave Casper
CTO @Moogsoft

Much has changed in the three or so decades since simple distributed client/server architectures and so-too have the technologies and industry practices around monitoring. Cloud-Native, DevOps, blue/green deployments, server-less, edge/fog, IoT all fit into a world much better handled by the emerging Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations domain more-so than traditional ITIL/SDLC approaches. Software continues to eat the world. Software automates, defines. The...



  • Architectures You've Always Wondered About

    Architectural practices from the world's most well-known properties, featuring startups, massive scale, evolving architectures, and software tools used by nearly all of us.

  • Going Serverless

    Learn about the state of Serverless & how to successfully leverage it! Lessons learned in the track hit on security, scalability, IoT, and offer warnings to watch out for.

  • Microservices: Patterns and Practices

    Stories of success and failure building modern Microservices, including event sourcing, reactive, decomposition, & more.

  • DevOps: You Build It, You Run It

    Pushing DevOps beyond adoption into cultural change. Hear about designing resilience, managing alerting, CI/CD lessons, & security. Features lessons from open source, Linkedin, Netflix, Financial Times, & more. 

  • The Art of Chaos Engineering

    Failure is going to happen - Are you ready? Chaos engineering is an emerging discipline - What is the state of the art?

  • The Whole Engineer

    Success as an engineer is more than writing code. Hear inward looking thoughts on inclusion, attitude, leadership, remote working, and not becoming the brilliant jerk.

  • Evolving Java

    Java continues to evolve & change. Track covers Spring 5, async, Kotlin, serverless, the 6-month cadence plans, & AI/ML use cases.

  • Security: Attacking and Defending

    Offense and defensive security evolution that application developers should know about including SGX Enclaves, effects of AI, software exploitation techniques, & crowd defense

  • The Practice & Frontiers of AI

    Learn about machine learning in practice and on the horizon. Learn about ML at Quora, Uber's Michelangelo, ML workflow with Netflix Meson and topics on Bots, Conversational interfaces, automation, and deployment practices in the space.

  • 21st Century Languages

    Compile to Native, Microservices, Machine learning... tailor-made languages solving modern challenges, featuring use cases around Go, Rust, C#, and Elm.

  • Modern CS in the Real World

    Applied trends in Computer Science that are likely to affect Software Engineers today. Topics include category theory, crypto, CRDT's, logic-based automated reasoning, and more.

  • Stream Processing In The Modern Age

    Compelling applications of stream processing using Flink, Beam, Spark, Strymon & recent advances in the field, including Custom Windowing, Stateful Streaming, SQL over Streams.