Workshop: Introduction to Docker and Containers




9:00am - 4:00pm

Key takeaways

starting, stopping, and listing containers

the difference between containers and images

building our own images by writing a Dockerfile

container networking, and how to connect containers

sharing and persisting data with volumes

managing stacks of multiple containers with Compose


Bring your own computer to the tutorial, but you don't need to pre-install anything. Just make sure that you have an SSH client!

If you still haven't checked that Docker thing, but need (or want) to get started with containers, this tutorial is for you. No prior knowledge of Docker is needed. If you know how to interact with the UNIX command line, you're set! Some demos will feature code snippets in Python, Ruby, or even C; but you will be perfectly fine even if your language of choice is Bash.

After a short introduction explaining the "big idea" behind containers, we will use the Docker CLI to start our own containers, and everything will be hands on. You will be provided with a pre-configured Docker environment running on a cloud VM (you won't need to setup Docker or Vagrant or VirtualBox on your machine). 

Speaker: Jérôme Petazzoni

Hacker @Docker

Jerome is a senior engineer at Docker, where he helps others to containerize all the things. In another life he built and operated Xen clouds when EC2 was just the name of a plane, developed a GIS to deploy fiber interconnects through the French subway, managed commando deployments of large-scale video streaming systems in bandwidth-constrained environments such as conference centers, operated and scaled the dotCloud PAAS, and various other feats of technical wizardry. When annoyed, he threatens to replace things with a very small shell script.

Find Jérôme Petazzoni at

Speaker: AJ Bowen

Software Developer

AJ Bowen is a level 8 bra-burning anarcho-communist chaotic good blood elf anthropologist from the land of Oz. As a build infrastructure engineer at Travis CI, she's on a mission to containerize and test all the things. AJ doesn’t like being told what to do—or telling others what to do—and is on a constant mission to eliminate unnecessary hierarchy. Ask her anything.

Find AJ Bowen at



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