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Gregory Brail, Apigee

 Gregory  Brail Gregory Brail brings a variety of experience from more than 20 years in the industry. Prior to Apigee, Greg worked at BEA as technical lead for WebLogic JMS, and kicked off BEA's "Core Engine" initiative. Greg began his career developing custom middleware libraries for Citibank, and then spent his formative years with transaction-processing pioneers Transarc, with stops in between at IBM and TransactPlus.

Presentation: "What the Heck is an API Platform Anyway?"

Track: Web APIs

Time: Thursday 12:05 - 13:05

Location: City

Abstract: Implementing an API is a lot like implementing a web application -- or is it?
Superficially, APIs have a lot in common with web sites but there is a lot more to consider. APIs are accessed by applications on computers, not by people at browsers, so issues like data formats, URL organization, and versioning take on a different and greater importance. They will be accessed by a variety of 3rd party applications on everything from smartphones to servers, so the ability to scale and to throttle or reject excessive traffic is essential. They will be accessed by devices of different sizes and capabilities, and one style of API does not necessarily make sense for them all.
In this talk, we will outline the parts of an API platform, from the servers that host the API to the load balancers and everything in between. We'll talk about the implementation challenges behind things like OAuth authentication, rate limits, and caching. We'll also talk about the use of various types of technologies, including load balancers, XML appliances, and API gateways and draw from our own experiences with Apigee and its customers.