Building URL-Driven Web Apps with Ember.js

Building URL-Driven Web Apps with Ember.js

Grand Ballroom B/C
Wednesday, 10:30am - 11:20am

Developers have begun to notice that, using JavaScript, they can build fast, sophisticated UIs that users love. But they have also noticed that tacking more and more JavaScript on top of the traditional architecture of server-rendered HTML has led to unwieldy code that is hard to reason about and extend.  


There is a better way, and it's been sitting under our noses all along. If we begin to think about our web applications as just consumers of an API, like how we build our native and mobile clients, we can achieve better separation of concerns, fewer lines of code, and UIs that we could only previously have dreamt about. At the same time, we have to make sure that these 100% JavaScript apps don't break the key feature of the web: the URL. Users rely on the URL to bookmark, share and collaborate, but many JavaScript frameworks treat it like an afterthought.  


In this talk, we'll examine the core architecture needed to build JavaScript applications that don't feel busted, then discuss the specific implementation of those details in Ember.js.   

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My name is Tom Dale. I helped create Ember.js, a JavaScript framework that brings sanity to the web. In October of 2011, I co-founded Tilde with Yehuda Katz, Leah Silber and Carl Lerche. In my spare time I run a cash-for-beer exchange program at many local San Francisco dive bars.