Adam.Archer's picture
Technical team lead at IBM
Alex.gaber's picture
Developer, MobileApp.IO
Spec Lead, Java Language & VM
Amr.Elssamadisy's picture
Director of Client Safety, Industrial Logic
Andrew.Fong's picture
Dropbox Reliability Lead
Andrew.Betts's picture
Director of the Financial Times' Labs division
Anil.Madhavapeddy's picture
Co-Author "Real World OCaml", University of Cambridge
Arun.Murthy's picture
Lead of the MapReduce project in Apache Hadoop
Ashley.Johnson's picture
Senior Coach at Industrial Logic
Ashley.Puls's picture
Senior Software Egineer at New Relic Inc.
Ben.Christensen's picture
Software Engineer, Netflix API Platform
Bijan.Vaez's picture
CTO and CoFounder at EventMobi
Bikas.Saha's picture
Apache Tez Commiter at the Apache Software Foundation
Bill.Yetman's picture
Senior Director of Engineering at Ancestry.com
Blake.Dournaee's picture
Sr Product Manager for Intel® Expressway API Manager
Brendan.Eich's picture
Creator of Javascript, CTO Mozilla Foundation
Brenden.Matthews's picture
Software Engineer at Airbnb
Brian.Beckman's picture
Physicist, Symbolic and Functional Programming, Amazon
Caolan.McMahon's picture
Director at Ground Computing
Chris.Stetson's picture
Vice President of Technology, Huge
Chris.Riccomini's picture
Staff Software Engineer, LinkedIn
Christian.Legnitto's picture
Mobile Release Engineer at Facebook
Craig.Muth's picture
Founder of Memorize.com
Crista.Lopes's picture
Undercover Developer
Dana.Caulder's picture
Sr Software Engineer at Genentech
Daniel.Tunkelang's picture
Head of Query Understanding, LinkedIn
David.Leibs's picture
Senior Researcher at Oracle, VMs and Compilers
Debu.Panda's picture
Product Management Leader , BMC Software
Deepak.Nadig's picture
Head of Platform Engineering, PayPal
Dianne.Marsh's picture
Netflix Cloud Director of Engineering
Dio.Synodinos's picture
Author, Lead HTML5/JS Editor at InfoQ
Dustin.Whittle's picture
Developer Evangelist at AppDynamics
Eli.Reisman's picture
Software Engineer at Etsy
Eric.Perret's picture
Lead UI Performance Engineer, Salesforce.com
Eric.evans's picture
Creator of Domain Driven Design
Erik.Meijer's picture
Creator Reactive Extensions, LINQ
Eugene.Ciurana's picture
Yahoo Engineering Senior Principal; Summly CTO
Floyd.Marinescu's picture
CEO and co-founder, C4Media Inc
Francois.lascelles's picture
Chief Architect at Layer 7 Technologies
Gil.Tene's picture
CTO and co-founder of Azul Systems
Gilad Bracha's picture
Co-author of Java, Creator of Newspeak
GLoria.Lau's picture
Manager, Data Scientist at LinkedIn
Greg Brockman's picture
CTO at Stripe
Gregor.Martynus's picture
Both-end Developer, Designer and software product Builder
Hans.Jespersen's picture
Principal Systems Engineer
Hien.Luu's picture
Architect at LinkedIn working with Hadoop technologies
Hrishikesh.Aradhye's picture
Engineering Manager, Google
Ivan.Filho's picture
Performance Lead at Google
Jafar.Husain's picture
Senior Developer at Netflix
Jakub.Nesetril's picture
Founder of apiary.io
Jarrod.Overson's picture
Software Engineer at Riot Games
Jason.Leyba's picture
Software Engineer in Test at Google
JeanNoel.Moyne's picture
TIBCO Fellow
Jeevak.Kasarkod's picture
Responsible for innovation at Voltage Security Inc.
Jeff.Magnusson's picture
Manager, Data Platform Architecture at Netflix
Jeff.Hammerbacher's picture
Cloudera Founder, Created Facebook's Data Science practice
Jennifer.Hayes's picture
User Experience Designer at IBM
Jeremy.Edberg's picture
Ran Reddit, Netflix Reliability Architect
Jeremy.Pollack's picture
Senior Software Engineer, Ancestry.com
Jez.Humble's picture
Co-Author, "Continuous Delivery"
Joe.Huang's picture
Managing Mobile Technology Products at Oracle
John.Musser's picture
Founder, Programmable Web
John.Hammink's picture
Lead Quality Engineer, Mozilla
Jordan Delong's picture
Software Engineer at Facebook
Josh.Wills's picture
Director of Data Science, Cloudera
keith.adams's picture
Co-founder of Facebook’s Runtime: HipHop Virtual Machine
Kevin.Watkins's picture
CTO of Appthority
Kiran.prasad's picture
Senior Director of Engineering Mobile at LinkedIn
Mark.Meretzky's picture
Teaches Unix and C++ at New York University SCPS
Mark.Pollack's picture
Principal Software Engineer at SpringSource
Martin.Thompson's picture
High Performance & Low Latency Specialist
Marty.Weiner's picture
Engineer, Pinterest
Matt.Debergalis's picture
Creator of meteorjs
Matt.West's picture
Engineer, Zynga Gaming Inc.
Matt Jones's picture
Software Engineer at Pinterest
Matthew.Podwysocki's picture
Software developer and Rx Pusher at Microsoft
Michael Kovacs's picture
Principal Sales Consultant, Oracle
Michiel.BdeJong's picture
Nomadic freedom hacker focussing on unhosted web apps
Mike.Krieger's picture
Co-founder, Instagram
Mike.Amundsen's picture
Principal API Architect for Layer 7 Technologies
Mitul.Tiwari's picture
Staff Engineer; Search, Network and Analytics; LinkedIn
Narciso.Jaramillo's picture
Principal Scientist, Adobe
Neal.Ford's picture
Director & Software Architect, ThoughtWorks
Pablo.Santos's picture
Founder & CTO Codice Software
Panos.Astithas's picture
Firefox Engineer, Developer Tools Team
Parker.Higgins's picture
Activist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation
Pedram.Keyani's picture
Engineering Manager at Facebook
Pedro.Canahuati's picture
Director, Production Engineering & Site Reliability at Facebook
Pete.Soderling's picture
Founder at Hakka Labs
Peter.Bell's picture
Co-founder and CTO of Speak Geek
Praveen Alavilli's picture
Architect for Developer Products at Paypal
Rachel.Laycock's picture
Lead Consultant at ThoughtWorks
Raffi.Krikorian's picture
VP Platform Eng at Twitter
Randy.Shoup's picture
CTO at KIXEYE, former Dir. Google App Engine and eBay Chief Engineer
Reza.Shafii's picture
Director of Product Management, MuleSoft
Rich.Hickey's picture
Creator of Clojure, Datomic, CTO at Cognitect
Richard.Kasperowski's picture
QCon Open Space Facilitator
Ronny.Kohavi's picture
Founded the Experimentation Platform team at Microsoft
Rusty.Sears's picture
Senior Scientist, Microsoft Research
Sebastian.Stadil's picture
Founder of the Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Group, and Scalr
Sid.anand's picture
Architect, Search @ LinkedIn
SriSatish.Ambati's picture
Co-founder and CEO, 0xdata
Steve.Hanna's picture
Lead Research Scientist at Appthority
Steve.Peha's picture
Learning Strategist
Sudhir.Tonse's picture
‎Manager, Cloud Platform Engineering at Netflix
Tim.Brown's picture
Continuous Delivery Specialist
Todd.Montgomery's picture
‎VP, Architecture, Messaging Business Unit at Informatica
Tom.Dale's picture
Co-creator of Ember.js
Tom Banks's picture
Technical Evangelist, IBM
Tom.Santero's picture
Technical Evangelist for Basho
Werner.Schuster's picture
InfoQ Lead Editor for dynamic languages, developer at Wolfram
Xavier.Amatriain's picture
Director of Personalization Science and Engineering, Netflix
Yash.Nelapati's picture
Infrastructure Engineer, Pinterest
Zach.Holman's picture
Engineer, GitHub