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See the QCon San Francisco 2013 video calendar here, and download the slides from the schedule page.

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What our attendees say about QCon


“QCon is the best place to learn how the smartest companies solve their toughest technical problems.”


~ Bob Smith

“It was great to see what a broad variety of industry leaders are doing with technology as it has advanced, and what they're doing to help it safely continue to move forward.”


~Bob Dunn

 “I learned a lot about the current trends and solutions to problems that affect scalability and availability in this age the cloud.”


~Lisandro Diaz






Leading Content by Today’s Leading Practitioners


“….A superb conference with the best tracks and great speakers!”


~ Tomas Carlfalk


“QCon is one of the best conferences out there….great speakers and really interesting tracks.”


~ Krzysztof Koziol



“QCon is a great way to stay informed of the leading edge of software architecture and development.”


~Mike Matczynsk


“Each time I attend QCon, my mind is opened up to fresh ideas by leaders in their field. I also get to meet and connect with top engineers around the world. Where else can you do that?!” -


~ Eric Thorsen




People, Peer Sharing, and Networking


“At this conference I truly felt how InfoQ is practitioner based. I found myself attending sessions, unconferences, and sharing tables with people I later found leading my sessions. It really gave me a sense of being a peer to the speakers which was cool. I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences at this conference and I hope I'm fortunate enough to be sent again.”


~Erin Parrill


“A good place to get latest information on "useful" technologies and a good place to get ideas based on how other people/companies do software development.”



 Open Spaces


“One of the most fun and intellectually intimate conferences I have joined. The open sessions were excellent – total serendipity.”

~ Eric Kolotyluk