The Coming of Age of Internal API Management

The Coming of Age of Internal API Management

Marina Room
Tuesday, 4:05pm - 4:55pm

For years, Enterprises have looked to technology and architectural solutions outlined by services and service oriented architecture.


This talk looks at the evolution of the service layer in the context of the new prevailing developments in API management and describes new architectural approaches an Enterprise can take as they look to merge these two worlds, taking the best practices from both domains. We cover some of the benefits of looking at existing SOA deployments through an API lense. For internal API Management, we present a decision framework for determining how an enterprise can deploy API sharing portals with API Gateways for enforcement-exploring SaaS, on-prem, and hybrid options.

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Blake Dournaee is currently the Sr. Product Manager responsible for Intel Expressway line of API Gateway and Data Protection software products. Blake was a specialist in applied cryptography applications at RSA Security and a frequent speaker at API & PCI-DSS conferences throughout the US and Europe. Blake is an established author who wrote the first book on XML Security and co-authored "SOA Demystified" from Intel press.