Life with a Hybrid Cloud Architecture at Dropbox

Life with a Hybrid Cloud Architecture at Dropbox

Bayview A/B
Wednesday, 4:05pm - 4:55pm

Dropbox is used by more than 200 million people to store and access their digital lives from all of their devices. Achieving such scale inevitably comes with a few unexpected challenges, tough decisions, and valuable lessons. In this talk, we’ll detail some of those challenges and the lessons we learned that led us to our current hybrid architecture.


We will also cover some of the operational challenges inherent to using a hybrid data center model, including our thoughts on host management, tool chains, and the unique architectural issues not present in purely cloud or purely physical environments.

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Andrew leads the Dropbox SRE team focusing on service management, machine management and monitoring across Dropbox datacenters and EC2. Before Dropbox, he worked at YouTube helping to scale their infrastructure. He previously was at AOL running proxy/cache and video search infrastructure.