Redesigning PayPal APIs for scale and simplicity

Redesigning PayPal APIs for scale and simplicity

Bayview A/B
Monday, 4:05pm - 4:55pm

PayPal provides faster and safer ways to pay and get paid online. Processing over $145 billion in total payment volume in 2012, and in 193 markets, PayPal's core business has been powered by APIs since its inception. Beginning with simple HTML buttons for the web, PayPal APIs evolved over the last 14 years, driven by business needs and technology evolution, have enabled integrations across a variety of channels including mobile, point of sale and other connected devices (e.g. televisions, game consoles).


In this talk, you will learn about how PayPal redesigned its APIs using the lessons learnt on this journey, the principles, patterns and anti-patterns in API design.

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Deepak Nadig heads Platform Engineering at PayPal. In this role, he leads the team responsible for delivering PayPal’s APIs and Developer Experience for external and internal developers. Prior to PayPal, Deepak Nadig led the Enterprise Architecture team at eBay, responsible for eBay’s Application, Technology and Data Architecture. At eBay, as a Distinguished Architect, Deepak led the architecture of eBay’s advertising, analytics, experimentation and web services platforms. Before eBay, Deepak co-founded Covigna, a pioneer in contract lifecycle management, and held senior engineering and architecture roles at HP and VeriFone. Deepak has a BS in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay, and MS from Louisiana State University.
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Praveen is the architect for the Developer Products at PayPal helping in building the next generation APIs, tools and resources for external developers. Before that, he was the lead evangelist for eBay Inc. running the developer evangelism and tools organization at X.commerce to help developers learn, build and use the PayPal, eBay and X.commerce platforms, a systems architect for identity and authentication at Amazon, and earlier he did the same at AOL. Praveen has long been a proponent of open standards, and has been a big supporter of grassroots efforts such as OpenID and OAuth.