Presentation: Creating a Collaborative Culture between Dev & Ops


4:10pm - 5:00pm



Development/Software orgs typically focus on shipping and building new features. Sometimes this happens at the expense of efficiency or stability. Operations orgs are typically built to enure services run smoothly 24x7 and to do it with the least amount of cost possible. Sometimes, this means each teams’ incentives aren't quite aligned and the situation can lead to an us versus them dynamic.

Facebook’s solution for this problem lies in the Production Engineering (PE) team. PE embeds itself into the software teams to help build robust systems at scale. In this session, I'll discuss some of the ways we've worked on building a collaborative culture between the software and operations teams. I'll touch on subjects like organizational design, setting expectations for work, how to prioritize that work, how perceptions play into role expectations and how to gain status equallity.

Speaker: Pedro Canahuati

VP, Production Engineering & Site Reliability @Facebook

Pedro Canahuati leads the Production Engineering group at Facebook. Production Engineering works together with the software engineering teams to ensure that Facebook's infrastructure is healthy and people can use the platform to communicate with their family and friends. They accomplish this through automation, building new tools, performance analysis and hardcore systems debugging. Prior to this, Pedro was Director of Operations at BuzzMedia and Qloud. He started his career at ISPs as a network & systems engineer and leveraged this knowledge to build data centers, scale web operations and build teams at SpinMedia, NameMedia, Relera and Verio/NTT.

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