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Twitter operates hundreds of thousands of servers. At that scale, repairs and reallocations are frequent and each requires a re-installation of the system. The Provisioning Engineering system at Twitter, called Wilson, is designed to handle every part of a server's lifecycle that does not require a person with a screwdriver. From bios updates to RAID controller configuration and OS installation, the Wilson stack does it all. Combined with our machine metadata service Audubon, Provisioning Engineering provides the one interface for service owners needing to interact with hardware.

Speaker: Matt Singer

Staff Hardware Engineer @Twitter

Matthew Singer is a Staff Hardware Engineer at Twitter, where he has contributed to the design of Twitter's server fleet by optimizing performance, costs and efficiency to constantly improve the user experience. Matt has over 15 years of development experience across desktop, mobile, embedded and server systems, with particular expertise in firmware and system architecture. When not tinkering with computers at work, Matt enjoys tinkering with computers at home, and is dangerously close to creating the perfect homemade pizza.

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Speaker: Nik Johnson

Provisioning Engineering SE @Twitter

Nik Johnson is a Software Engineer at Twitter and a member of the Provisioning Engineering team. He has two years of experience as an SRE minimizing maintenance costs, increasing reliability, and improving performance on many services at Twitter. For the past year he has been improving various facets of the provisioning services at Twitter, including reducing hardware install times, reducing service latency, improving reliability, and adding features to improve usability.

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