Presentation: What Comes After Microservices?


10:35am - 11:25am



The results are in: developers LOVE microservices! But are microservices in their current form solving more problems than they create? Many early adopters are finding new limitations as they deploy hundreds or thousands of microservices. Are there perhaps better abstractions than microservices that we could be using instead?

In this talk, we'll cover the limits that some companies have encountered in their large microservices deployments and some non-microservices approaches to those same problems. Since I work at Uber on this very problem, we'll also talk about the non-microservices systems that Uber is building to maintain developer productivity with a large and growing engineering team.

Speaker: Matt Ranney

Sr. Staff Engineer @Uber, Co-founder @Voxer

Matt is the Chief Systems Architect at Uber, where he's helping build and scale everything he can. Previously, Matt was a founder and CTO of Voxer, probably the largest and busiest deployment of Node.js. He has a computer science degree which has come in handy over a career of mostly network engineering, operations, and analytics.

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