Presentation: [Cancelled] Building A Great Engineering Culture

Track: Sponsored Solutions Track III

Location: Pacific BC

Duration: 5:25pm - 6:15pm

Day of week: Tuesday

Level: Beginner

Persona: Architect, CTO/CIO/Leadership, Technical Engineering Manager

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As more and more Enterprise Software companies build solutions for the Internet-of-Things market, enterprise software engineers and embedded engineers come together on product teams. While Cloud developers debate issues like horizontal scale and canary deployments, embedded engineers deliberate power budgets and direct memory access. Without conscious effort, the cultural gap can lead to friction, delayed projects and frustration. This talk highlights best practices on how to successfully put together such teams right from interviewing to onboarding, bridge the software development cultural gap, and successfully deliver, in a short period of time, products that span low footprint software on one side of the spectrum to highly scalable SaaS Environments at the other end.

Speaker: Balwinder Kaur

Principal Software Engineer @AppDynamics

Balwinder Kaur is a Principal Software Engineer at AppDynamics and a founding engineer of their Internet of Things team. Prior to AppDynamics, she delivered a cloud ready 1080p video streaming development kit for the IoT Market. In a previous life, she built Enterprise Software. Balwinder graduated with an MS in Computer Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology. Outside of work, she spends time with her two rambunctious boys, mentoring female engineers to thrive in Engineering organizations, and encouraging high schoolers to experience innovation. Balwinder Kaur is a repeat speaker at OpenIoTSummit, Android Builder’s Summit, AnDevCon, Samsung Developer’s Conference, and Bay Area meetups.

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