Presentation: Observability in the SSC: Seeing Into Your Build System

Track: Software Supply Chain

Location: Ballroom BC

Duration: 11:50am - 12:40pm

Day of week: Monday

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Waiting for a slow build can really kick you out of the groove. Finding flaky tests using data instead of instinct increases trust. You and your team have a collection of sophisticated tools available to understand the complex applications you have running in production. Using these same tools to gain insight into your CI/CD pipeline enables your team to improve processes with the same rigor as performance analysis in production.  

Honeycomb hit a time when our builds slowly got longer and longer until, without noticing it, everybody was super frustrated. We used the tools we had available to explore instrumentation in the CI environment and visualized the data we found as traces and queries over time. With that insight we dropped build times by 40% and gave ourselves the ability to track build times and asset sizes over time. This talk walks through that transformation and covers the techniques you can use to accomplish the same goals in your environments.

Speaker: Ben Hartshorne

Engineer @honeycombio

Ben Hartshorne is an engineer at Honeycomb. For the last 13 years, Ben has built monitoring, alerting, and observability systems for companies ranging from startups like Simply Hired and Parse to large organizations such as Wikimedia and Facebook. Strangely, he actually enjoys this work and is happy to finally be building a company and product that will help tease out nuances in data in novel and powerful ways.

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