Lessons in Building Organization Resilience

Technical teams need to be able to adapt, recover, and thrive despite changing requirements, failures, game changing technical advancements, and of course all the while keep tabs on costs and efficiency. An organization’s leadership must build a robust foundation of trust and ensure every individual developer has the agency and autonomy to act within boundaries of acceptable risk. This requires strategic thinking, adaptability, and tactical actions to improve the culture of resiliency each and every day.

This track will dive into approaches teams and engineering leaders have taken to improve the resiliency of their organization over time. It will highlight tactical tools that empower individuals and contribute to the health and efficiency of the collective team. Speakers will also present frameworks that help put structure around the cultural shift necessary to build safety and autonomy. And of course, what would a track be without a nod towards GenAI? We will look at how AI tools like prompt libraries can improve organizational resiliency.

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Building a Culture of Continuous Experimentation

Wednesday Oct 4 / 10:35AM PDT

In a fast-paced, complex and uncertain digital business environment, organizations must evolve to survive.

Speaker image - Sarah Aslanifar
Sarah Aslanifar

Principal Consultant @EqualExperts

Session Organization Resiliency

Multiplying Engineering Productivity in Face of Constant Change

Wednesday Oct 4 / 11:45AM PDT

Building and retaining top talent, empowering them with challenging problems, and setting ambitious goals are all essential ingredients for success in any organization.

Speaker image - Shweta Saraf
Shweta Saraf

Director of Platform Networking @Netflix, Board Member for eBPF Foundation

Session Resilience

The Incident Lifecycle: How a Culture of Resilience Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals

Wednesday Oct 4 / 01:35PM PDT

Incidents and outages are expensive, they impact engineering productivity, business goals, and your company’s reputation. In this talk I will describe how we can apply resilience throughout the incident lifecycle in order to turn incidents into opportunities.

Speaker image - Vanessa Huerta Granda
Vanessa Huerta Granda

Resiliency Manager @Enova, Co-Author of the Howie Guide on Post Incident Analysis

Session AI/ML

Generative AI and Organizational Resilience

Wednesday Oct 4 / 02:45PM PDT

Generative AI lowers a fundamental barrier in human / computer interaction and could impact all our digitized business processes. This disruption will likely stress most company's organizational resilience, but it also offers opportunities to help organizations respond to future change.

Speaker image - Alex Cruikshank
Alex Cruikshank

Director Product Engineering in AI Lab @West Monroe

Session Staff Plus Engineering

Building Organizational Resilience Through Documentation and InnerSource Practices

Wednesday Oct 4 / 03:55PM PDT

Effective software documentation serves as a cornerstone for knowledge preservation, fostering community and resilience, even in the face of unforeseen disruptions.

Speaker image - David Grizzanti
David Grizzanti

Principal Engineer @nytimes

Track Host

Courtney Hemphill

Partner & Head of Product, Engineering, and Design (PXEL) @WestMonroe

Courtney Hemphill is a Partner and Head of the Product, Engineering, and Design (PXEL) team at West Monroe, a strategy and digital product development firm. She has been developing software since 1999, first at an early-stage e-commerce startup and eventually moving into consulting. In her role at West Monroe, she has built ground up HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based platforms for health care companies, worked on a large server cluster analysis and forecasting platform, and supported enterprise executives transitioning from third-party solutions to skilled in-house continuous delivery teams. She is currently managing the 350+ strong team of builders and makers working with clients on service and experience design, product strategy, designing and building software products, software modernization, and helping clients stand up high performing product organizations.

Courtney mentors for TechStars, is an advisor to several startups, and organizes coding workshops for women. She also sits on the Golden Gate Board of NatureBridge, and is constantly finding random new corners of the world to rock climb.

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