Generative AI: Shaping a New Future for Fraud Prevention

In an era of increasing digital fraud trends, traditional risk prevention tools are unable to effectively counter the dynamic challenges presented by advanced technology and organized networks. This has created a pressing need for more sophisticated and integrated solutions to tackle these ever-evolving threats. Generative AI has risen to this challenge and a new category has emerged in risk management, powered by generative AI, called AI Risk Decisioning.

This talk will provide insight into an innovative vision for fraud and risk management that leverages the cutting-edge advancements in generative AI, real-time AI capabilities, and a natural language interface to transform how businesses identify and respond to fraud and risk. This game-changing approach offers a unified data fabric, enables faster decision-making, greatly reduces human effort, and significantly improves the effectiveness of risk management efforts.

We will discuss the six foundational pillars of AI Risk Decisioning: a 360-degree knowledge fabric, a natural language interface, auto recommendations, human-understandable reasoning, augmenting risk experts, and risk automation. We'll further elucidate how these pillars are transforming the way businesses understand, detect, and mitigate fraud.

Additionally, we will showcase real-world applications and the resulting benefits of AI Risk Decisioning, including the ability to expedite investigations and response times, detect complex fraud schemes, and greatly reduce false positives.

Join us to learn more about this revolutionary AI Risk Decisioning approach that is set to disrupt the field of risk management. Be part of the journey as we take a bold step towards a future where businesses can confidently secure their operations in the digital realm.


Neha Narkhede

Co-Founder of Oscilar and Confluent, and Original Creator of Apache Kafka

Neha Narkhede is an Indian American technology entrepreneur, founder & CEO of Oscilar, the co-founder and former Chief Technology Officer, and currently board member of Confluent (NASDAQ: CFLT). As a software engineer at LinkedIn, she helped develop the open source messaging system Apache Kafka now used by more than 80% of the Fortune 500. In 2014, she co-founded Confluent, which helps organizations process large amounts of data to create transformative real-time products. Neha has been listed as one of America’s Top Self-Made Women by Forbes, Forbes’s Top 50 Women In Tech, MIT Tech Review’s Innovators under 35 and Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People. Neha has a Masters in Computer Science degree from Georgia Tech and today advises and invests in numerous technology startups.

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