Use Engineering Strategy to Reduce Friction and Improve Developer Experience

Most companies have a contingent of engineers who are upset about the lack of a clear engineering strategy. If you dig into solving their “missing strategy” problem, you’ll quickly run into an even bigger challenge: there’s little agreement about what engineering strategy is or which problems it should solve.

In this presentation, we’ll focus on:

  • What problems engineering strategy is particularly suited to solve
  • Examples of real engineering strategies I’ve encountered in my career
  • How to rollout engineering strategy both with and without a mandate from your head of engineering
  • Troubleshooting why your strategy rollout isn’t working


Will Larson

CTO @Carta, Author of "An Elegant Puzzle" and "Staff Engineer"

Will Larson is CTO at Carta, and has been a software engineering leader at Calm, Stripe, and Uber. He is the author of An Elegant Puzzle and Staff Engineer. Before moving to San Francisco, he grew up in North Carolina, and studied Computer Science at Centre College in Kentucky.

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