QCon San Francisco 2019 is a wrap!

Over 1500 attendees, speakers, and exhibitors made the 13th edition of the conference one of our best ones yet. Take a look at the conference highlights. Catch up with the session videos you missed. See what people had to say on social about #QConSF.

2019 Tracks, Hosts and Trainings

“Microservices Patterns & Practices”, “Modern CS in the Real World”, “Optimizing Yourself: Human Skills for Individuals” were just some of the 18 editorial tracks at QCon San Francisco 2019. Take a look at the others and catch a glimpse of the QCon San Francisco 2019 trainings.

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2019 Trending Talks

Some of the top sessions from QCon San Francisco 2019 included “Scaling Patterns for Netflix's Edge” by Netflix’s Playback Edge Engineering Justin Ryan, and “Privacy Architecture for Data-Driven Innovation” by Uber’s Digital Product Architect Nishant Bhajaria.

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2019 Keynotes

QCon San Francisco 2019 keynotes included Mike McGarr, Engineering Leader, Frontend Infrastructure at Slack, and Pat Helland, Software Architect at Salesforce.

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2019 Photos and Testimonials

Relive the experience through our photos from the 13th edition of QCon San Francisco. Discover the impact QCon had on our attendees in their own words.

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2019 Topics

Over 1500 attendees learned from practitioners working in innovator and early adopter companies about the topics that matter most in software today.
Our technology adoption curve captures these topics:

  • Cilium/eBPF
  • Deep Learning
  • Web Assembly
  • Mixed Reality
  • gVisor
  • CRDTs
  • Algorithmic Transparency
  • Graph Algorithms
Early Adopters
  • DataEng
  • Kubernetes
  • Machine Learning
  • Lamba Architecture
  • Istio
  • Rust
  • Chaos Engineering
  • Service Mesh
  • Voice Interaction
Early Majority
  • Devops
  • Microservices
  • Reactive Programming
  • Containers
  • Go-Lang
Use our interactive chart to learn more about the 2019 sessions by topic

2019 Hosts and Tracks

What is a QCon track? Each "editorial" track (that's what we call the curated talks focused on developer lessons) is a collection of software topics curated by a domain expert in areas such as culture, data science, machine learning, front-end technologies, and architecture. Take a look at the QCon San Francisco 2019 topics and tracks:

2019 Trainings

QCon isn't just about the conference. QCon also offers a wide reach of trainings on the two days following the conference. We had an incredible lineup of trainings in 2019 that provided shorter technology-focused deep dives. This year’s topics included: Serverless, Containers, Kubernetes, Apache Kafka, KSQL, Java, Microservices, Security and more:

2019 Keynotes

QCon San Francisco 2019 brought together incredible people who shared their insights to help software teams adopt new technologies and practices. Our keynote speakers are among the team leads, architects and software engineers moving our industry forward. Here are four takeaways from our 2019 keynotes:

2019 Trending Talks

Catch up on the trending talks you missed from QCon San Francisco 2019.
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Scaling Patterns for Netflix's Edge

Justin Ryan

Playback Edge Engineering @Netflix

User & Device Identity for Microservices @ Netflix Scale

Satyajit Thadeshwar

Senior Software Engineer in Product Edge Access Services Team @Netflix

Managing Failure Modes in Microservice Architectures

Adrian Cockcroft

VP Cloud Architecture Strategy @AWSCloud & Microservices Pioneer

Beyond Microservices: Streams, State and Scalability

Gwen Shapira

Software Engineer @Confluent, PMC Member @Kafka, & Committer Apache Sqoop

The QCon Impact

QCon San Francisco isn’t just a software conference. It’s the place where senior software engineers,
tech leads, and architects come together to learn, share, and push each other to drive innovation in the software industry.
Find out what attendees had to say about their experience at QCon San Francisco 2019.


It was such an honor to speak @QConSF about the work that I do. This is a really impressive conference and I loved talking with and learning from other speakers & attendees. We need more Microsoftees out here! Many thanks to @breckcs for the invite! #QConSF

Chris Gillum


#QConSF is coming to an end for me tonight. Attended some very interesting talks by many great speakers and thought leaders. Lots of ideas to reflect on. Hopefully I can come back next year. Thank you @wesreisz and team for organizing this!

Emmanuel Ballerini


Just finished up attending #QConSF and I had an amazing time. A great place to hear about the newest challenges Tech is facing... and more importantly, how we're solving them!

Jameson Lee ⚡️


A little blurry means, "we're having such a great time we can only spare a second to snap a photo before we're on to the next thing!" Glad our Mojos are having a great time at @QConSF.


QCon is all about software engineering and actually covers a very wide variety of topics. It is not limited to a specific technology or vendor. That's why it's great.

Andrian Budantsov
CTO @ReaddleINC

QCon San Francisco 2019

I think that QCon does a very good job of bringing in some of the smartest technical minds on the leading edge of software development.

Andrew Overton
System Software Developer @American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company

QCon San Francisco 2019

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