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Advancing Agile to the Next stage with Lean

Host: Jesper Boeg

Lean, Kanban, Scrumban…. Words and concepts we hear a lot these day. Discussions are many and raise questions like: What do Kanban and Lean mean in the context of software development? How does it fit with our current understanding of Scrum and the principles of Agile software development? Are Software Kanban and Lean threats to Agile values and Scrum hyper productivity?

Though sharing roots in systems thinking Lean and Agile come from different places - they are not the same but can be combined to produce great results. Software Kanban has proven to be a fast track to implementing Lean principles in software development, but too often the value is lost in the noise of religious discussions and Agile dogma. Numerous Scrum teams have successfully adopted Lean and Software Kanban principles to further advance continuous improvement and it seems very few people got hurt or died in the process.

By attending the talks in this track you will get a better understanding of Lean and Software Kanban as well as practical advice on how to use these concepts to continuously improve your project’s performance.

In a distant future we might even avoid pointless religious discussions fueled mostly on ignorance and misunderstandings.