Speaker: Adam Breindel

Member of the instructional team @Anyscale

Adam Breindel is a member of the Anyscale training team and he consults and teaches on large-scale data engineering and AI/machine learning. He has served as technical reviewer for numerous O'Reilly titles covering Ray, Apache Spark, and other topics. Adam's 20 years of engineering experience include numerous startups and large enterprises with projects ranging from AI/ML systems and cluster management to web, mobile, and IoT apps. He holds a BA (Mathematics) from the University of Chicago and a MA (Classics) from Brown University. Adam's interests include hiking, literature, and complex adaptive systems.


Building and Productionizing LLM-Powered Applications

LLMs have gained immense popularity in recent months. An entirely new ecosystem of pre-trained models and tools has emerged that streamline the process of building LLM-powered applications.

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Friday Oct 6 / 09:00AM PDT ( 7 hours )


Seacliff AB


Level intermediate