Speaker: Bill Tarr

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SaaS Evangelist, AWS SaaS Factory @AWS

Bill is a SaaS specialist who has led technology teams and designed solutions for early stage startups and international enterprises. He is a member of the AWS SaaS Factory, and has enabled dozens of SaaS customers on the best practices for designing, building, and operating SaaS solutions through direct engagement, public speaking, and streaming shows like “Show Me SaaS“ and ”Building SaaS on AWS“. In his free time, Bill enjoys kayaking the bays of San Diego to the lakes of Northern New York.


Rethinking SaaS Entitlement Management with Feature Flags

Feature flags are typically associated with continuous delivery feature access management. They allow you to temporarily limit production access to a new feature while it's being developed and tested, then open access for your users once it's ready.

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Monday Oct 2 / 10:35AM PDT ( 50 minutes )


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