Speaker: Elizabeth Ayer

She / her / hers

Product and organizational consultant

Elizabeth is a product and organizational consultant who promotes a virtuous cycle of empowered teams, fast flow, and business agility. With her background in product and portfolio management, she takes a value-oriented, collaborative approach to designing more humane structures for teams to thrive.

From over 25 years of product development across technology, education, and government sectors, she has a wealth of experience that informs her facilitation, teaching, and consulting practices. Most recently, she has been working in the public sector, supporting technology program design in high-visibility, high-compliance environments.

Elizabeth speaks and writes on product management for fast flow and also broader concepts of knowledge work, system design, and inclusive practices. Her consulting focus is on facilitating teams of leaders through transitions of scale and integration.


Success Patterns for Fast Flow and Team Topologies

Elizabeth Ayer and Jonathan Strommen will be running our successful Masterclass for leaders, managers, change agents, members of Enabling teams, Agile Coaches, architects, senior engineers, UX/UI and product managers, or any other decision-makers involved in building and running s

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