Speaker: Greg Hamer

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Data and Application Architecture Specialist @Backblaze

Greg is a specialist in data and application architecture. Greg's passion is explaining complex technology in easily understandable terms to diverse audiences. Greg has been a speaker at more than a dozen technical conferences on topics that include systems architecture, software development, programming, and data modeling. In addition, Greg was adjunct faculty at North Carolina State University (computer science). Greg has worked for over 20 years as a developer and a professional technical trainer teaching developers and architects on complex serverside technologies, software engineering and cloud development. Greg is a certified AWS Champion Technical Trainer and as a former AWS employee, regularly delivered training and presented at AWS technical summits. Greg holds 8 AWS technical certifications. Areas of expertise in AWS training include cloud architecture, databases, data analytics, data warehousing, microservice programming and various addition programming and various additional areas of developer programming. Greg has also held certifications from Microsoft, Sybase and Brightcove.


Optimal Data Storage Choices - Data Lakes vs Databases


Monday Oct 24 / 05:25PM PDT ( 50 minutes )


Pacific DEKJ


Database Development Cloud Cloud Computing Reliability