Speaker: Kate Sills

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Software Engineer and Consultant, Previously Lead Engineer on the Zoe Smart Contract Framework at @Agoric

Kate Sills is a software engineer and consultant specializing in applied cryptography. She was previously the lead engineer on Agoric’s smart contract framework (Zoe) which protects users from malicious contracts. Previously, Kate has researched and written on the potential uses of smart contracts to enforce agreements and create new forms of institutions apart from traditional legal jurisdictions. In 2022 and 2023, she served as a member of the technical review committee for the Centre for Computational Law in Singapore. Kate graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with degrees in Computer Science and Cognitive Science.

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Combating AI-Generated Fake Images with JavaScript Libraries

Because images and videos can now be produced with artificial intelligence, it’s increasingly difficult to determine which are real and which are fake. One approach has been to look for “tells” that reveal an image is AI-generated.

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Wednesday Oct 4 / 02:45PM PDT ( 50 minutes )


Pacific DEKJ


Applied Cryptography Content-Addressed Storage AI-Generated Photo Detection