Speaker: Li Shen

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SVP & Founding Engineer @PingCAP

Li Shen is SVP and founding engineer of PingCAP, the company behind TiDB. He is a maintainer of several popular open-source projects including TiDB and TiKV, a distributed transactional key-value store and CNCF graduated project. Li has extensive experience in data infrastructure, software architecture design and cloud computing.

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TiDB: Inside the Journey to Build a Cloud-Native, Distributed SQL Database

In this talk, Technology Evangelist Li Shen will speak to the architecture of TiDB, an advanced open-source, distributed SQL database. You’ll discover how TiDB has evolved over time to meet the requirements of cloud-native applications. You’ll also explore:

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Tuesday Oct 3 / 03:55PM PDT ( 50 minutes )


Pacific LM


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