Speaker: Michelle Brush

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Engineering Manager SRE @Google, previously Director of HealtheIntent Architecture @Cerner Corporation & Lead Engineer @Garmin

Michelle Brush is a math geek turned computer geek with over 20 years of software development experience. She has developed algorithms and data structures for pathfinding, search, compression, and data mining in embedded as well as distributed systems. In her current role as an SRE Manager for Google, she leads teams of SREs that ensures GCE's APIs are reliable. Previously, she served as the Director of HealtheIntent Architecture for Cerner Corporation, responsible for the data processing platform for Cerner’s Population Health solutions. Prior to her time at Cerner, she was the lead engineer for Garmin's automotive routing algorithm.

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"Just" Engineering Culture

Learn practices around how organizations can be free to admit and learn from mistakes and then build more resilient systems as a result.


Tuesday Oct 25 / 09:00AM PDT



Recipes for Blameless Accountability

Building a culture of continuous improvement requires that teams value psychological safety, blamelessness, and admitting error. This can sometimes feel in conflict with an organization's desire to see accountability and ownership of the work.

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Tuesday Oct 25 / 02:55PM PDT ( 50 minutes )


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Engineering Culture Accountability People Skills


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