Speaker: Nihit Desai

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CTO and co-founder @RefuelAI

Nihit Desai is the CTO and co-founder of Refuel.AI, building ML infrastructure for teams working with unstructured data. Prior to this, he was a staff engineer at Facebook, building and scaling their human-in-the-loop ML efforts for content integrity. In prior roles, he has worked on recommender systems at Instagram, and on search quality at LinkedIn. He is the co-author of the MLOpsRoundup newsletter, and the creator of the co:rise MLOps course.

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MLOps: A Framework to Build Reliable ML Systems

Over the last decade Machine Learning has become ubiquitous, powering applications across a variety of domains - from web search to autonomous drones.


Thursday Oct 27 / 09:00AM PDT ( 3 hours)


Level intermediate


Machine Learning Observability