Speaker: Oren Eini

CEO @RavenDB

Oren Eini, also known as Ayende Rahien, is the Founder and CEO of RavenDB, a leading NoSQL document database management platform, empowering both startups and Fortune 500 companies. With over 20 years of software development experience and business leadership, Oren is an internationally acclaimed presenter, a thought leader and an author, committed to continue and lead innovation of quality software and best practices. RavenDB delivers fully transactional (ACID), smart & agile, cutting-edge NoSQL end-to-end solutions, empowering businesses in efficient data management.

Blog: ayende.com

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Optimizing a Query - An Optimization Tale

  1. Understanding what goes on inside your database
  2. Unveiling the magic that allows you to query on TBs of data in milliseconds
  3. Leverage deep insight into how databases work to better optimize your system
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Tuesday Oct 3 / 01:35PM PDT ( 50 minutes )


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