Speaker: Piyush Verma

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Co-Founder and CTO @Last9

Piyush Verma is co-founder and CTO at https:/last9.io. Earlier, he led SRE @ TrustingSocial.com to produce 600 million daily credit scores across 4 countries. In his past life, he built Oogway.in (exit to TrustingSocial.com), datascale.io (exit to Datastax), and siminars.com.


Simple Platform Engineering and Simply High Cardinality Observability

Platform engineering transforms repetitive Engineering requirements into standardised and dependable services, or "paved roads". These paved roads offer engineering teams a smooth way to develop and deploy business logic layers continuously.

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Wednesday Oct 4 / 02:45PM PDT ( 50 minutes )


Pacific LM


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