Speaker: Vinod Sridharan

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Principal Software Engineering Architect @Microsoft

Vinod Sridharan is a Principal Software Engineering Architect at Microsoft responsible for the Azure Cosmos DB APIs. He works on the design and architecture of the core components that power them, the gateway and the supporting distributed service infrastructure. Across various components including storage, transport, load balancing, and routing, Vinod drives low latency, high availability, and performance throughout the Azure Cosmos DB service. In his spare time, Vinod loves to travel, sing, and go hiking.

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Azure Cosmos DB: Low Latency and High Availability at Planet Scale

Azure Cosmos DB is a fully-managed, multi-tenant, distributed, shared-nothing, horizontally scalable database that provides planet-scale capabilities and multi-model APIs for Apache Cassandra, MongoDB, Gremlin, Tables, and the Core (SQL) APIs.

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Wednesday Oct 26 / 01:40PM PDT ( 50 minutes )


Ballroom A


Architecture High Availability Low Latency Scalability Storage Engine Partitioning and Replication Request Routing Gateway Cloud Infrastructure